IMF Youth Fellowship Program in Morocco 2023- Step by Step Guide

IMF youth fellowship

Newstoday: Are you looking to enhance your knowledge and want to explore the world's abilities in art? Then discover new era and opportunites on the global stage. Morroco brings an exciting IMF Youth fellowship program 2023, where interested candidates can showcase their remarkable talent to make an impact on the world. Join a community of peers who share your values, embrace a wide range of viewpoints, and unlock your potential as you contribute to shaping a brighter tomorrow. The IMF is a global economy organization focusing on fianncial cooperation and development which work to foster countries sustainable growth and global financial stability. Recognizing the importance of engaging and empowering young leaders, the IMF provides opportunities for them to showcase their talents and offer fresh perspectives on complex economic issues. Programs like the IMF Young Leaders Fellowship Program provide a platform for young people to have their voices heard and contribute to building a more inclusive and sustainable future. By amplifying the next generation's voices, the IMF is working to bridge the gap between generations and create positive change on a global scale through collaboration.

IMF Youth Fellowship Program in Morocco 2023:


  • Morocco


  •  International Monetary Fund


  • Marrakech


  • Access to IMF Annual Meetings to engage with Leaders and scholars

  • In-Person Workshops 

  • IMF will provide Financial Support

  • Global Networking Opportunities 

  • Endless Future Opportunities and Publications

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to qualify, individuals must be between the ages of 20 and 35 and citizens of an IMF member country. 

  • Must enroll in a given program such as one related to IR, mass media, communication, economics etc. 

  • Strong and proficient public speaking and presentation skills are mandatory.

  •  Strong knowledge of international economics and development. 

  • Applicants should not be affiliated with any government institutions.

  • You can apply only once. 

 Apply for the IMF Youth Fellowship Program 2023

  • Visit IMF Youth fellowship online website and fill out the given form.

  • Fill in the required detail (academic background and personal details)

  • Write a Statement of Purpose in 1500 characters 

  • Submit a video of 30 to 560-second video where you need to describe solutions for the economic policy and the solution for the country's growth. 


Deadline for IMF Program:

  • Interested candidates must submit their form before June 30 , 2023. 

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