In Indian State of Haryana, 2 Muslims Brutally Burnt Alive Along their Car


Newstoday: Two Muslims, along with their automobile, are said to have been burned alive in Haryana, India. The day following the event involving the discovery of the dead corpse, a kidnapping complaint was reportedly filed against 5 individuals, according to Indian media. According to the lawsuit submitted by the relatives of the victims, Junaid, who was 35 years old, and the dead Nasir, who was 25 years old, were both kidnapped from Rajasthan.

The two men were reportedly abducted on Wednesday, and their remains were found in the burned-out car the following day. The Indian police said that investigations are being done to rule out the involvement of cow protection fanatics in this incident because Junaid had five instances of cow smuggling, whereas Nasir had never been arrested. According to Indian media, Muslim people were abducted by Mono Manesar, Lokesh Singhia, Rinku Saini, Anil, and Srikanth. All five defendants are members of an extreme religious group that describes itself as a cow guardian.

Sabahat Abid


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