India State Health Minister Naba Das Dies After Being Fired by Police

NewsToday: Naba Kishore, the health minister of the Indian State Odisha shot dead after being fired by an ASI police gun when he reached the event.He was sent to the hospital right away in critical condition, but he did not have much time to live. On the other hand, the ASI, the accuser, has been arrested. According to the police statement, the minister was shot when he got out of his car to attend the event. The ASI fired on his chest for no reason and fired two bullets straight into his body.

Further, the police spokesperson said that ASI fired at the health minister named Gopal Das. Police are investigating the event, but the cause has not yet been identified. Indian State Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik showed great concern and sorrow for his death and said that Naba Kishore's death is a significant loss for the country and the government.

Sabahat Abid


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