Indian Army Blast Their Own Village Results in 3 Deaths and Many Injuries

Indian Army

Newstoday: In Bihar, an Indian Army mortar bomb landed near a firing range and detonated, killing three people and wounding nine others. A shell landed on a village near the shooting range of the Indian Army in the Indian state of Bihar, according to an international news agency. The explosion triggered by the shell's descent damaged two dwellings. The Indian army's mortar blast killed three individuals, including a woman, and wounded nine more. Three of the injured, including two women, are thought to be in critical condition. The Indian Army has not yet responded to the event. According to Bihar Police, the event is being probed. The people were relocated from the village to a safer location. In March last year, an Indian Army missile landed on Pakistani territory. The Indian Army apologized, saying it was a mistake and that the missile went off by accident during maintenance. After a five-month probe into Pakistan's strong objections, the Modi administration fired three officers of the Indian Air Force in response to the Indian Army's reckless actions.

Sabahat Abid


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