Indian Biotech Launches 'first nasal' COVID vaccine Called iNCOVACC

NewsToday: India introduced the first nasal covid vaccination made by Baharat Biotech. Nasal drop is known as iNCOVACC, which makes the tissues lining the nasal cavity increase the immune response. China also launched the spray vaccination in September 2022 for inhalation. These vaccines may offer excessive immunity in the nose lining through the airways, from where Covid typically enters the body. A research team from UK and US also came to study the nasal spray.

In India, iNCOVACC spray will be used for booster doses during emergencies. Public hospitals offer the vaccination for INR 325 per dose; private facilities charge INR 800 per dose. There should be a 28-day interval between Spray vaccine doses. Around two billion doses are administered of COVID. And almost 70% of Indians have taken two dosages, told to the government of health ministry.

Sabahat Abid


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