Iran Complains FIFA after US Removes Allah’s Name from their Flag

fifa world cup

NewsToday: FIFA has been notified that the American team has removed Allah's name from the Iranian flag.

 According to the American Football Federation, the Iranian flag was used in the match with the Allah sign. According to Iran, the American Football Federation should face significant consequences for this unethical move. According to Iranian media, the American squad breached FIFA rules and regulations and should be penalized and barred from participating in the World Cup for ten games.

On the other hand, the American team stated that it took this action to oppose the infringement of basic human rights in Iran and to demonstrate sympathy with the women demonstrators.

Due to Iranian opposition, the US team withdrew the social media post. It published a new one with the right Iranian flag, stating that they continue to support the Iranian demonstrators.

It should be recalled that a 22-year-old female, Mahsa Amini, was slain by police in Iran, sparking widespread demonstrations. The authorities opened fire on the demonstrators and inflicted tremendous brutality, resulting in the deaths and injuries of scores of protestors.

Sabahat Abid


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