Islamabad Banking Court Orders Imran Khan to Appear Today for Funding Case

Islamabad High Court

Newstoday: An anti-terrorism court in Islamabad revoked Imran Khan's release on Wednesday in the case involving demonstrations after the Election Commission of Pakistan disqualified him, dealing a severe blow to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). In the meantime, the Islamabad High Court  prevented a banking court from ruling on Khan's request for bail in a case involving illegal money. IHC prevents the banking court from ruling on Khan's request for bail in the issue of unlawful funding.

 During the hearing, Judge Rakhshanda Shaheen ruled that only the petitioner and his attorney should remain in the courtroom and that everyone else should leave. She said that it was her court and that she would manage it accordingly. With everyone rushing into the courtroom, she claimed, she was unable to begin the proceedings. She said that when her employees requested everyone to leave the court, they all ought to have complied. The Media person asked the judge of the IHC to proceed with the case via Camera if the media is not allowed to come for covering the proceedings. The judge took a break in the case.

Sabahat Abid


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