King Charles Appointed Pakistani origin Dr Zareen Roohi as special adviser


Newstoday: Dr Zareen Roohi, of Pakistani descent, has been selected as King Charles III's special adviser. According to the recent reports, this is the first time in history that a woman of Pakistani descent has been cast in the coveted position. According to sources, Roohi's role will be equivalent to that of an assistant secretary. King is claimed to be a local and foreign affairs specialist who would advise the country's oldest monarch on state problems. They have Asian ladies as part of his new strategy of integrating all groups in UK government activities. Dr. Zareen will serve alongside Nathan Ross in the Private Secretary's office, which is the King's primary source of constitutional and political counsel. The new advisor to King is believed to be a highly skilled and seasoned professional who has worked in disciplines as broad as diplomacy, education, and health. Zareen has outstanding academic credentials, having received a PhD in multiculturalism.

She formerly worked as CEO of notable organisations such as the British Asian Trust and is still a member of various organisations such as the Commonwealth Education Trust and the Royal Commonwealth Society. Dr. Zareen received various accolades for her work.

Sabahat Abid


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