Lahore: Police Collect Over Rs. 3 Crore from Unregistered Cars in 1 Day

unregistered car

Newtoday: The police of exercise department initiated action against unlicensed automobiles in Lahore on Wednesday. M. Asif, Director of ETNC, handled the collection of taxes from unlawful automobiles. During the operation, dozens of unregistered vehicles were confiscated. According to Asif, hundreds of token tax delinquent car owners were penalized, and a record Rs. 33.8 million was collected in a single day..According to the director, 1,071 automobiles were examined that day. Ninety of those autos belonged to tax evaders. Registration fees and the token tax were paid on the spot. A double-cabin pickup truck driven 22,000 km in 1.5 years without proper documentation was imprisoned at the Faridkot Excise office.

Director General ETNC Muhammad Ali examined the attendance and performance of excise personnel at DHA Road, Liberty Chowk, Davis Road, Hussain Chowk, Pakistan Chowk and Wahdat Road checkpoints. He directed all operators to carry out their responsibilities carefully and praised them for making progress in the collecting effort.

Sabahat Abid


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