More than 2662 Cases of HIV/AIDS were Reported in Sindh During One Year

Newstoday: CDC released the annual report of HIV/AIDS in Sindh last year, as per the report around 10 lacks 39 thousand 802 people were screened in the province. The screening was done at 26 prisons, a thalassemia center, a hemophilia center, and a medical camp. In 20 jails of Sindh, including Karachi, 2662 HIV cases were reported, 310 cases of hepatitis B and 1,187 cases of hepatitis C. 8 thousand 811 prisoners were screened for HIV diagnosis. In 5 prisons in Karachi and Hyderabad, 26 cases of HIV were reported. Five thousand 144 inmates were screened in four prisons in Karachi, and 21 of them, including one woman, were found to be HIV positive, according to the Control of Communicable Diseases HIV/AIDS Program. From female prisoners, HIV positive is found in a foreigner who has been imprisoned for many years.

On the other hand, 4 prisoners tested positive out of 2 thousand 193 prisoners who were screened in Hyderabad jail. Similarly, 66 fellows in jail have hepatitis B and 143 have hepatitis C in Hyderabad 9 in Mirpurkhas, three CK7 in Nawabshah, and 7 inmates. According to the HIV/AIDS control of communicable diseases, 1,862 children have tested thalassemia and around 900 were hemophilia center, one child with hemophilia was infected with HIV, and 128 children with hepatitis C. Similarly, during a screening of blood samples of 528 thousand 662 people in the blood bank, 245 were tested positive in HIV cases.

Sabahat Abid


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