Naseem Shah 30 Percent English Comment Goes Viral

Naseem shah memes

NewsToday: A journalist who asked an English question to fast bowler Naseem Shah received an intriguing response.A video of Naseem Shah's press conference in Rawalpindi went viral on social media with the hashtag 30 percent.

On Twitter, a video clip shows a journalist asking Naseem Shah a question in English during a press conference. Naseem Shah responded to the journalist's question in English. "Brother, I only have 30% of English now, too," the fast bowler replied when asked the same question again.

A journalist stated during the press conference that the final two questions would be answered in English and Urdu. Participants at the press conference burst out laughing after hearing Naseem Shah speak.

There is a possibility that Naseem Shah may have said, "Take the name of God.".

It is important that England cricketer James Anderson plays at this age, that he is a legend and that we can learn from him, Shah said at a news conference in Rawalpindi on Wednesday.

Sabahat Abid


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