Nestle Pakistan Earns Rs 15 Billion Profit in 2022 Despite Economic Crises

Nestle Profit

Newstoday: Pakistan's largest company Nestle made a record by earning the highest profit of Rs 15 billion in the year 2022. Despite the tough and hard economic crises in the country, such as ever-rising inflation, the company grew as many sales which is almost 22% in the last year, 2022, worth Rs 163 billion. The company's gross profit increased by 23% year on year to Rs 49.6 billion. Earnings after tax increased 27% to Rs 22.8 billion, while profit from operations increased 24% to Rs 26.78 billion.

Consequently, Nestlé's earnings per share increased 18% to Rs 331.86 from Rs 15 billion in profit after tax (PAT). Nestlé Pakistan has recorded its highest-ever profit after tax. A net profit of Rs 14.6 billion was reported by the company in 2017, its most recent highest reported profit. Nestlé Pakistan Ltd is a Pakistani public limited corporation. The firm primarily manufactures, processes, and sells dairy, nutrition, beverage, and food goods, including imported items. It is based in Lahore and has four manufacturing plants around the country. Sheikhupura and Kabirwala industries are multi-products.

Sabahat Abid


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