New Logo of Lahore Qalandars Directly Copied from Adobe Stock Image

NewsToday: Shaheen Afridi, who was responsible for designing a logo for Lahore Qalandars, faced copying issues. As the logo is totally copied from the stock image site. On the other hand, Lahore Qalandar fans are encouraging his artwork, but some are disappointed after being seen copied directly from the website Adobe stock. The big mess Lahore Qalandars received on social media is questioned about their integrity as they portrayed the copied logo by Shaheen Afridi himself.

Earlier, Lahore Qalandar, CEO Atif Rana, had revealed that the team captain would design the new kits for the upcoming eighth edition of PSL. Many fans have shown disagreement with the latest and resentment towards the last one. The previous logo was more representative than the then-present one.The PSL Tournament will commence on 13 February; in the first match, Lahore Qalandars will play with Multan Sultan.

Sabahat Abid


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