New Petrol Prices May Rise Upto 309 Per Liter from 1st Feb in Pakistan.

NewsToday: After an increase in the price of rupees, the cost of petrol also rises to 309 per Liter from 1st February. According to his analysis, there will be an increase of 44% to PKR 309 per Liter from the recent price, which is 215 per Liter. Similarly, the case happened with diesel which is expected to grow up to 50% from 228 to PKR 341. As the same, the diesel rate may also rise by 28% to PKR 291 per Liter from a recent price of 228. The IMF program was stalled for the past few months, and after his pending payments, the country's position would exit from external hurdles. 

The price could increase more after the IMF demands to raise the revenue. Rising petrol prices would be challenging for the ordinary person to handle and manage domestic needs. There was a sharp increase in the petrol price after the Imran khan government was thrown out of the crown. According to the government's current budget, oil sales are expected to bring in Rs 855 billion in the fiscal year 2023.

Sabahat Abid


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