Nust Collected Fund Worth 4 Million for Turkiye Earthquake Victims

Turkiye and Syria

NewsToday: 4th in 24 hours, Turkiye and Syria have gone through a massive earthquake which left people drenched in cold and helpless. Many foreign countries are helping Turkiye through aid and other daily life needs. Pakistan, India, Saudi, and other foreign governments are sending support for the sake of humanitarian assistance.
Recently, students of NUST have been helping the Government of Pakistan collect funds for the Turkish people who are badly victimized by earthquakes. NUST students have collected over $ PKR 4 million in a few days due to a brotherly nation. Other campuses are also helping them in collecting funds for them. Government and students launched an appeal through a message through various platform of digital request to be a part of this noble cause.

Sabahat Abid


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