Pakistan Govt Approves PCB Request for Army Deployment for PSL 8 Security


Newstoday: At the large event going to happen, the eighth edition of PSL, will hold today at 8 pm. For safety and security government has approved the request of deploying the army for all matches.

Punjab and Sindh's provincial governments have asked the Home Ministry to send rangers and army troops to provide police for PSL games. As for the security of the PSL 8,  (PCB) has also sent a letter to the Home Minister. Later, the Home Ministry's report was distributed and authorized by the federal cabinet. The PSL8 matches will take place in Pakistan's largest cities FROM between February 13 and March 19. The opening ceremony will be made at Multan today where Pakistan-renowned singers Shae gill, Sahir Ali Bagga, and Fairs Sahfi will show their voice performances live on the stage.

Sabahat Abid


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