Pakistani-American doctors collected 3.5 million dollars for Turkiye earthquake victims.

American Doctors

Newstoday: The APNA mobilizes resources to help Pakistani family members who Turkiye's natural calamity has impacted. Three lakh sixty-five thousand dollars were collected in an hour during the Zoom telethon organized by Apna yesterday. In response to the appeal for help for earthquake victims in Turkiye, Apna members, and organizational structures have responded immediately and generously. Hasan Murat Marjan, the Turkish ambassador, and Masood Khan, the Pakistani ambassador, spoke at the event to relieve earthquake victims.  According to the Turkish Ambassador during the meeting, Pakistanis have been generous, have shown their feelings, and have provided support throughout Turkiye's freedom struggle. He also mentioned that the two countries are united in a spirit of brotherhood and equally share the pain and grief of every struggling period.

Sabahat Abid


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