Pakistani Legendary Actor Qavi Khan Passed Away in Canada

Newstoday: Mohammad Qavi Khan began singing on the radio at a young age and later showed his acting abilities in theatre, television, and movies. Nonetheless, he rose to prominence in the drama serial 'Andhira Ajala,' which aired on PTV Lahore and featured him as a police inspector. During his last days in Canada, Qavi Khan was receiving treatment for a long-term medical condition. The zero bum of sound was taught to him by Radio Pakistan when he was growing up in Peshawar.

Following that, he began working in theatre as well as performing on Pakistan Television, quickly becoming one of the top actors. The public still recognizes his unconventional role as an inspector in the drama series 'Andhira Ajala' on the issue of crime and law in society. Jameel Fakhri and Irfan Khost also performed the immortal roles in this drama serial, for which he received four moons. Rashid Dar directed the film, which Younis Javed wrote. However, his first drama, 'Lakhon Mein Tin,' aired on PTV in 1966, was also the first drama. Muhammad Qavi Khan had a timeless performance in 'Mirza Ghalib,' a great play from his early career. Muhammad Qavi Khan received the Hasan-i-Persahiya Medal in 1980, as well as other Nigar medals. He has also been given the Imtiaz Star by Pakistani government.

Sabahat Abid


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