Petition Against the Release of Film Joyland Rejected

Joyland film

NewsToday: The petition against the release of the film "Joyland" was rejected by the Sindh High Court.

Chief Justice Sindh High Court Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh was joined by two other judiciary members in hearing the complaint against the distribution of the film "Joyland." The petitioner claimed that the film's publication violated Article 227 of the Constitution. In Pakistan, nothing can be done against the spirit and teachings of Islam.
Chief Justice asked if you had watched the movie. The petitioner then said that the film's substance is not worthy of discussion in open court. Islam forbids a transsexual woman from loving and marrying a guy in this way. The Chief Justice observed that you had not watched the film and had come to seek a ban. 
On the other hand, the Lahore High Court has formally set the matter for hearing by dismissing the opposition to the motion for a ban on Joyland.
It should be noted that the petition was signed by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, PEMRA, the Central Film Censor Board, the Provincial Minister of Information, and others.

Sabahat Abid


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