Prime Minister Announced to Give Cheap Petrol to Motorcycle and Rickshaw Drivers

Shehbaz Sharif announced

Newstoday: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has reduced the price of gasoline for motorcycle and rickshaw drivers. Simultaneously, 10 lakh individuals in Islamabad's federal capital will be given free flour throughout Ramadan. Under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, a high-level meeting was convened on measures to safeguard the poor and middle class from the consequences of inflation. The gathering was also briefed on cheap gasoline for motorbike and rickshaw drivers; numerous proposals in this regard were made to the meeting. The Prime Minister directed that the program be finalized and presented as quickly as possible. Shahbaz Sharif stated that motorbike and rickshaw drivers are economically vulnerable and that the government will take all necessary measures to safeguard them from inflation.

According to sources, it was discussed in the meeting to give motorcyclists 25 to 50 rupees per liter of cheap petrol. The government wants to provide cheap petrol through a subsidy of 150 billion rupees annually to avoid the IMF's objection; the subsidy amount should be from the employers. It was proposed at the meeting that the price of petrol be increased by Rs 300 to Rs 325 per liter for car owners and reduced by Rs 225 to Rs 250 per liter for motorcyclists. There is currently no mechanism in place to deliver cheap gasoline, although users may be given prepaid cards or cash.

The Prime Minister directed that motorcycle riders receive a monthly petrol subsidy of at least Rs 1,000. According to reports, the government is playing with the IMF and its voters because neither the IMF nor automobile owners will agree to pay the additional money, and the discriminating measure might be challenged in court. During Ramadan, the PM offered free flour to the poor. He requested that current technologies be employed to make free flour distribution transparent.

A review meeting was conducted in Lahore under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister on the provision of free flour under the Ramadan package, during which the Punjab government provided a detailed briefing on the distribution program of free flour during Ramadan.

Sabahat Abid


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