PTI Postponed Lahore Rally as Activist dies and Injured After Police Crackdown

Lahore Rally

Newstoday: PTI Chairman announced the postponement of the elections rally in Lahore rolled out on roads against elections. Further, PTI senior Leader Hammad Azhar explains to the media outside Imran khan's residence at Zaman Park. He stated that fascism is at its peak in Pakistan after the crackdown of police on the elections rally. The caretaker government imposed section 144 and banned the coverage of all TV channels. The police started its crackdown after the PTI workers started violating section 144 and dispersing violations in the country. Due to a police crackdown, one activist Ali Bilal died from violence by Punjab Police which was taken out in a rally. He was severely injured due to police torture. Imran khan strongly condemned the killing of a PTI worker in a tweet. Women were also included in the PTI rally for the PTI election campaign and activists were arrested for violating the section.

Sabahat Abid


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