PTI to Hold Election Rally in Lahore Today at 2 pm from Zaman Park to Data Darbar

Election Rally

Newstoday: PTI workers were permitted to stage an electoral rally in Lahore today at 2 p.m. from Zaman Park at Imran Khan's house to Data Darbar by the Lahore district administration. According to reports, the district government has made it plain to the PTI leadership that comments and slogans critical of the judiciary, institutions, or their leaders would not be permitted at the event; otherwise, action against the organizers may be taken. Then, Deputy Commissioner Lahore Rafi Haider submitted a permission notification, which said that permission was provided after PTI took the oath. Speeches critical of the judiciary and institutions are not permitted at the rally, according to the terms. To increase security, the focal person and PTI officials would work with appropriate security and district administration. PTI Officials will cooperate with the Lahore administration and Lahore traffic police. The permission states that if there is any damage to public property as a result of the rally, the PTI concerned administration would be held accountable, and all applicable laws governing the use of sound systems will be obeyed. PTI volunteers will work in tandem with the district administration. Business centers will not be closed or destroyed as a result of the demonstration.

The permission states that workers and all affiliated individuals are not permitted to carry batons or other comparable objects during the demonstration. There will be no welcoming camps put up anywhere for the event. There will be no wall chalking along the rally route, and no person will be forced to join the parade.

Sabahat Abid


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