Rare Paistan 1949 , 2 Rupees Note Listed on eBay for PKR 5.7 Lakh

Antique Pakistani

Newstoday: eBay is a famous sale platform for unique antiques, which include, old Pakistani coins, notes, and even gold and other  medals. Among the items listed is a rare 2 rupees Pakistani Note from 1949, with a clear signature from Zahid Hussain. The note, which appears to be in fine condition, has been posted on eBay by an account named 'Note-wala'.

The seller is asking for a price of PKR 5.7 lac ($1999), with an additional $20 charge for shipping. The unique nature of the Pakistani note has attracted a lot of attention, with many people expressing interest in purchasing it. In fact, 9 people have even added it to their wishlist. The seller is accepting payments through various platforms, such as PayPal, VISA, Google Pay, Mastercard, and Discover card. With the increasing popularity of eBay as a platform for the sale of antiques, it is not surprising to see such items being listed at substantial prices.

Sabahat Abid


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