Reopening of Canada Visa Center in Pakistan after Ten Years

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NewsToday: Canada has announced that it would reopen its visa office in Pakistan after ten-years. Because of poor security difficulties, Canada has shuttered its Pakistan and Abu Dhabi offices. According to sources, the Canadian government has also allocated cash for constructing a visa office in Islamabad. The growth coincides with an increase in the number of Canadian visa applications from Pakistan.

Pakistan chose to relocate its visa center to Abu Dhabi since hundreds of Pakistanis reside in Canada, and their relatives are having trouble obtaining VISAs. After a security improvement, Pakistan's High Commission in Canada asked that visas be transferred back to Pakistan in 2019.

Pakistanis who want to visit Canada will first travel to Abu Dhabi or the United Kingdom to complete their visa application. Following an improvement in the security situation, numerous nations reopened their immigration centers in Pakistan, prompting Canada to reconsider its decision.

Sabahat Abid


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