Saudi Arabia Announced to Send the First Female Astronaut on a Space Mission

Saudi Arabia

Newstoday: Saudi Arabia is preparing its first female astronaut in the International Space station in the second quarter of 2023, the Saudi commission announced it. Rayyanah Barnwai is the first female astronaut Belonging to Saudi and joined Ali al-Qarni as crew for the AX-2 Space mission which launch from the US to ISS.  She is 33 and a research laboratory specialist with 9 years of experience in cancer stem research at the Saudi Space commission.

Along with receiving training for the mission's needs, astronauts Mariam Fardous and Ali al-Gamdi will join the AX-2 crew as backup crew.According to the Saudi Press Agency, the goal of the mission is to "empower national capabilities in human spaceflight focused towards helping humanity and leveraging the tremendous opportunities given by the space sector."The agency noted that the agency will join an exclusive group of nations with two astronauts stationed on the ISS.

Sabahat Abid


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