Sehat Card Suspended in Rawalpindi for Free Medical Checkup

Sehat card

Newstoday: 15 Rawalpindi hospitals have stopped offering free medical care for up to Rs 1 million under the Sehat Sahulat Card, a government health insurance plan. Besides closing their free treatment counters, some of these hospitals have accelerated discharges for patients who have insurance cards covering free kidney dialysis, heart surgeries, cancer therapy, and other chronic health conditions. Scheduled dialysis and operation are also canceled, and the hospital called to their families for further medical treatment and procedure.

The Punjab government also stopped the funding for medical insurance card plans, this fund includes free checks, treatment, medicine, and dialysis for poor families. Throughout this time, 40,000 patients received free care, while 12,000 patients were receiving therapy and waiting for their therapies and dialyzes, which have all now been canceled. He asserted that a provisional administration has little power and is unable to revoke the health card, which was established by law approved by the Punjab Assembly.

Sabahat Abid


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