Tesla Competitor Aspark EV Breaks World Record for Highest Speed

Aspark Owl

Newstoday: Aspark Owl launched two electric vehicles, a Japanese car that broke a speed record under 321km/h of speed. The first car test was made at Arlington Airfield in Northern England. This electric car made World Guinness record by hitting the highest speed record. The car's average speed was 309.02 km/h in the 8th mile and 318.85 km/h over the quarter mile. The company claims that its quad motors generate a horsepower of around 1,980, and a newton meter of torque generates 2000.  They made the fastest car in the world after hitting 100kmph just in 1.72 seconds which is faster than the Tesla cars and the Rimac Navera.

Owl can drive 402 kilometers on one charge which is a 64 kWh battery pack. Its charging time is just 40 minutes with the fastest DC charger. According to report, Aspark began building the Owl electric hypercar in 2015. The Osaka-based corporation employs approximately 3,500 people and has 25 overseas operations.Aspark Owls, which are restricted to 50 units, cost over Rs. 90 crore each, which is absurd. Deliveries will begin in 2023. Despite the fact that the Owl set the record for the quickest average speed throughout the quarter mile, the Rimac Nevera is the fastest production EV in the quarter mile, clocking in at 8.582 seconds. The Nevera has the fastest EV peak speed, reaching 415 km/h.

Sabahat Abid


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