Tesla is Using Chinese Batteries in their Electric Cars

BYD company

Newstoday: Chinese factor named Berlin gig factory produced its first Tesla model with the addition of BYD bladed LFP battery.This is a strange initiative as the car is totally based out of US, which has Chinese batteries. We all know a great inside war is going on between Us and China. But this news shows something strange. The car is based in the US; the battery is made in China and manufactured in Germany. According to the paper, BYD and Tesla have never worked together formally. Both firms are arch-rivals and makers of the world's largest NEV (New Energy Vehicle, which includes PHEVs, EREVs, and BEVs). BYD clashed with Tesla in numerous global regions in addition to their tough war for the lion's share of the EV market in China. According to the report, BYD is working as a supplier to Tesla to provide them with bladed LFP battery packs.

FinDreams, a BYD subsidiary, manufactures blade batteries. According to German media, Tesla's German facility began producing the Model Y using BYD's LFP Blade battery on May 4. As a consequence, the first Model Y powered by BYD has been constructed.. Furthermore, the BYD-powered Tesla Model Y charges faster than the CATL type. It is unclear when or if the BYD-powered Teslas will be available for purchase. However, with its partnership with BYD, Tesla intends to boost its position in the EV industry even more.

Sabahat Abid


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