Tiktok Offer Ten Thousand Scholarships to Pakistani Students


Newstoday: TikTok and ed-tech startup Edkasa are cooperating with the Sindh Education Foundation to expand the scholarship initiative to over 10,000 meritorious students in the region in order to digitize education. According to the given statement, Tiktok, Edkasa,, and the private university LUMS started their first digital education in 2020 with the aim to provide education to high school students.

The collaboration with Sindh Education will enhance the quality of the education in the slums regions. Their purpose is to provide education to those kids who are unable to pay their dues and studying in IX class to XII, they would be able to get the scholarship. Not only it will provide the education to the students but also make them able to stand infront of the world and can move ahead in the education.

Sabahat Abid


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