Total Death Toll Rises Above 41,000 due to Earthquake in Turkiye and Syria

Tukriye And Syrian

Newstoday: 6th February, a devastating day for Tukriye and the Syrian people, as the countries hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in the very early morning. Many people lost their lives under the rubble, and the death toll reached nearly 41 thousand in some countries. According to Turkish news media, 35,418 people died in Turkiye, and 5,800 people embraced death in Syria.On the other hand, the president of Turkiye has told the media that 2.2 million people were helpless and affected by the deadly earthquake.

International organizations help through aid and funding and sending rescue teams to the countries to help the suppressed people. Recently Saudi Arabia also announced to build of three thousand temporary buildings for the flood-affected people in Turkiye. Pakistan also sends troops and other necessary material to help them out of their worst days. World Health Organization, the largest health company in the world has also announced to send their rescue team to the countries and stay there long enough till they need it.Countries are helping them, but still, it will take much time to recover and in rebuilding again.

Sabahat Abid


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