Toyota Announces Plans for EV battery that Charges in 10 Mins or Less


Newstoday: Toyota has announced plans to develop an all-solid-state battery for its electric vehicles, with a commercial version expected by 2027. The company aims to reduce charging times to 10 minutes or less, a major drawback of electric vehicles. Toyota is expanding its battery EV lineup and developing new technology to deliver 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2026. Toyota is dedicated to creating the ultimate driving experience in their next-generation electric vehicle. With customization options for acceleration, turning, and stopping, drivers will feel in control like never before.While Toyota acknowledges its need to catch up in the EV sector, they are committed to innovation and exploration of new technologies such as lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Toyota President Koji Sato has emphasized the importance of staying competitive in this market. As they prepare for their shareholders' meeting in Toyota city, central Japan, the company is aware that they may face questions about their climate change commitments. However, they remain committed to finding cleaner and more affordable options and are currently working on second-generation biofuels like ethanol. They are also partnering with others to produce cleaner and cheaper hydrogen and are confident that they will continue to be leaders in the automotive industry.

Sabahat Abid


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