UAE Allows 3-Day Weekend for Workers Under New HR Law


Newstoday: UAE allowed government workers three-day weekends who completed 10 hours on a day in four weeks. HR law for government staff in UAE has introduced five working models, including the "compressed working week." Starting from 1 July, Cabinet Resolution No. 48 of 2023 details these models in a table.

Working Model


Office-based work

Employees are expected to carry out their job responsibilities at the employer's main office or designated branches and locations.

Remote work in UAE

The Remote Work Law approved by the UAE Cabinet and the Federal Authority for Government HR regulations allow employees to perform their duties outside their employer's office within the UAE.

Remote work outside UAE

Employees need to complete their duties hours outside the country. .

Hybrid work

This model lets employees work both in the office and remotely

Compressed working week

Employees may be required to work longer hours per day to complete their required hours within a shorter period of working days. UAE employees may work up to 10 hours per day for four days

The HR law encourages flexible working models and offers a three-day weekend to employees working ten hours a day for four days a week under the "compressed working week.

Sabahat Abid


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