UK's New Visa Policy for International Students

new visa policy

Newstoday: UK's new visa policy will affect international students studying in the UK; under the new regulations, only students with postgraduate degrees related to research programs lasting more than two years can bring their dependents to the UK.  According to the respected English daily, Britain has abolished the free movement of people from the European Union since Brexit, yet the number of immigrants is expected to hit record highs this year. This is attributed mostly to special visa programs for persons escaping Ukraine, the country of Hong Kong, and Afghanistan, but there has also been a rise in the number of students from India, particularly Nigeria.

It is important to mention here that there was a political dispute over the same subject last week, following which a cabinet conflict erupted, with right-wing Interior Minister Sylla Braverman urging her own government to be harder when her own government was weak. The finance and education ministries, on the other hand, oppose the home secretary and respect the talents offered by foreign employees as well as the expensive fees paid by students at UK institutions. The British government has stated that there is no such large plan for international students to be permitted to stay in the UK for two years if they have found work. According to the British Home Secretary, there will be increased enforcement efforts to root out unethical agents.


Sabahat Abid


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