UN relief chief: death toll in Turkiye-Syria earthquake will rise to 50,000

southern Turkiye

Newstoday: Kahramanmaras, in southern Turkiye, welcomed Griffiths on Saturday at the epicenter of the first 7.8-magnitude earthquake that upended millions of lives on Monday morning. Griffiths said, "It's hard to quantify exactly as we have to dig under the rubble, but I know it will increase more." It has been confirmed that 28,191 people have died as a result of the disaster. According to authorities and medical personnel, 24,617 people died in Turkey and 3,574 in Syria. Tens of thousands of rescuers search devastated neighborhoods despite the frigid weather making millions of people miserable. A UN report warns that at least 870,000 people in Turkey and Syria need hot meals urgently. Syria alone may have had 5.3 million homeless people.

World health organization reported that the earthquake had impacted around 26 million people. They also appealed for 42.8 million dollars for medical needs. More than 32 thousand people are gone dead from catastrophe, and more to count. Furthermore, there are around 8,294 international rescuers are working for humanitarian aid.

Sabahat Abid


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