Upto 300,000 Workers were Fired by Automobile Companies in Pakistan

Car Industry

Newstoday: In response to the downturn in car sales, SUVs, Pickups, Jeeps, and other auto industry stakeholders have stated that they are having a hard time the past six months. The industry is facing issues in sending parts shortage and the restriction made by the State bank of Pakistan to announce new letter credits. There is also an issue of long delivery time and import issues. Following a long-term shutdown, some companies have raised their prices for cars. The price of automobiles also rises daily as a result of the rise in dollar prices. The price of the dollar is Rs 276.58 on 16th February in the interbank market.

Moreover, the car plant production also faces a huge loss due to which they lay off 300,000 workers amid the country's facing food inflation and utility bills. Suzuki production plants are off for 40 days and will announce their opening next month.

Sabahat Abid


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