What Are The Best Eyeshadow Palette Brands In Pakistan 2024?

Best Eyeshadow Palette Brands

News Today:   No denying that the eyes are the jewel of our body. Eyes have the capability to radiantly bring out various facets of your persona and individuality. Stunning eye makeup is of significant importance in captivating a ton of compliments and the attention of people. Be it shimmer, satin, or matte, you amazingly play with your eyes for different events. No worries if you are new in the eye shadow palette world. Here is a list of the famous eyeshadow brands in Pakistan.

● The Mattle Bar Eyeshadow Palette

● Heather Austin Palette

● Eye-Catching Nude Palette

● Luxe Eyeshadow

● Retro Street Eye Palette

● Pocket Palette Eyeshadow

● Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

● Gettin’ Fresh Mega Palette

Most Popular and the Best Eyeshadow Palette Brands in Pakistan

Whether you need to build on your present enviable eyeshadow haul or want an entirely new palette to make your eyes look catchy, below are some top-leading eyeshadow palettes in 2024!

1. The Mattle Bar Eyeshadow Palette

The Mattle Bar Eyeshadow Makeup Palette features over 10 durable and creamy shades curated for different catchy matte eyeshadow looks. The blendable formula of this eyeshadow palette melts through your eyelids perfectly. Talking about the high-color pigments of this palette, they are responsible for making your eyes stand out blazingly in sultry spiced shades. You must try it.

Price - Rs.3,354.84

2. Heather Austin Palette

The Heather Austin palette is completely vegan. It contains 4 shimmers, 1 multichrome topper, and 4 mattes and is free of mineral oil, talc, and glitter. Heather Austin is an ideal choice to give your eyes a classy look during any event. However, the formula of this eyeshadow palette may not be well-suited for sensitive eyes. Before buying any products check out its ingredients.

Price - Rs.3,707.05

3. Eye-Catching Nude Palette

The Eye-Catching Nude Palette offers 12 shades that are fully natural-looking. You can choose between shimmering, shiny with sparkle, extra shiny, satin, and 4 matte finishes. Giving your eyes a stunning look has never been an easy task. You can select any eyeshadow for your eyes according to your choice. Say hello to the beauty of your eyes with liveliness and joy right now!

Price - Rs.2,119.22

4. Luxe Eyeshadow

Luxe Eyeshadow is also among the best eyeshadow palette brands in Pakistan. The multidimensional and all-new metallic eyeshadow formula is specially designed to provide your eyes with instant incandescence. In its three sparkles, metal, and lustre finishes, you can apply this molten shadow dry with your damp makeup brush to end up with a liquid metal eye look.

Price - Rs.3,295.64

5. Retro Street Eye Palette

The Retro Street Eye Palette features almost 15 romantic mauve and burgundy shades combined with dusty roses, grey-browns, vintage pinks, and taupes. It blends flawlessly to provide your eyes with an ultra-pigmented, vibrant, and long-lasting makeup look. This eyeshadow palette is made up of pure luminous mineral pearls. Adding more, it also contains dazzling chroma crystals.

Price - Rs.13,800

6. Pocket Palette Eyeshadow

Want a mini eyeshadow palette to create a captivating eye look? This Pocket Palette Eyeshadow is the perfect option to select. It contains 6 shades in metallic, shimmer, and matte finishes, taking your style from day to night. You must give out this miniature powder and easy-to-use eye makeup palette a try. All the shade colors of this palette help make your eyes look attractive.

Price - Rs.3,799.00

7. Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

The Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette comes with 18 different intergalactic shades. Take your eye to look catchy with its 4 innovative textures and neutral and bold shades. This palette tends to be inspired by the stunning pink, purple and teal colors in crystal AB. The overall colors of this eye makeup palette are not only beautiful but fuse smoothly with its 4 amazing textures.

Price - Rs.18,416.04

8. Gettin’ Fresh Mega Palette

Give your eyes a super fresh look with 30 different shades of Gettin’ Fresh Mega Palette. Its shade colors are warm metallics, wearable greens, and balancing pops of peaches and earth tones. It contains blendable pressed and ultra-pigmented powders to provide your eyes with a velvety touch. Want to create an endless eye look in just one palette? Must try out this palette!

Price - Rs. 9620.32

Best Eyeshadow Palette Brands in Pakistan


The Mattle Bar Eyeshadow Palette


Heather Austin Palette

Adept Cosmetics

Eye-Catching Nude Palette

Bourjois Paris

Luxe Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown

Retro Street Eye Palette


Pocket Palette Eyeshadow

L’Oreal Paris

Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty

Gettin’ Fresh Mega Palette

ColourPop Cosmetics

Eyes never lie and are undoubtedly the mirror of our souls. Not only this, but eyes also tend to reveal your style, mood, and attitude as well. If you want to amplify your beauty, nothing can be more valued and worthy than top-notch eye palette shades. Above is described a wide variety of the best eyeshadow palette selections in Pakistan you should try. Stay shady, pretty ladies!



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