Who gave him the visa? Javed Akhtar's Statement Received Criticism from Shaan Shahid


Newstoday: Actors in the Pakistani entertainment industry and followers on social media have voiced their outrage at a recent comment made by the renowned Indian poet Javed Akhtar concerning Pakistan's role in the Mumbai attacks. Social media users have urged that Pakistani phone numbers not be given to those who stomp on the same territory and scream hatred at it. In a recent session at the Faiz Festival in Lahore, the Indian poet Javed Akhtar shared his opinions and said, I belong to Mumbai, and I know how the attack happened.

Those attackers are still in your country, and you should never be offended if India has some grievances in their heart”.Javed Akhtar's anti-Pakistan speech is receiving harsh criticism in Pakistan, yet receiving praise from the Indian media and performers. In a tweet, actor Shaan Shahid quoted Javed Akhtar and said, "He knows about the murder of Muslims in Gujarat but says nothing about it, yet here (Pakistan) is hunting for the guilty of the Attacks in Mumbai, Who has allotted him a visa to come to Pakistan?

Sabahat Abid


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