World Bank Fund 50M dollar for Refugee Project in Pakistan

world bank fund

NewsToday: Pakistan will shortly launch a project to enhance refugee administration (SIRA) institutions nationwide, using World Bank funding of $50 million.

The World Bank contributes $50 million, which includes $20 million in grants and $29.16 million in loans. 

CCC and CDWP approved this project on January 1, 2022, at a total cost of US$50 million. According to the federal government, no one could be reached to obtain this cash, causing the project to be delayed for more than two years.

Implementation and Arrangement Plan

An operational support unit for Afghan refugees will be established in the office of the Chief Commissioner for Afghanistan. In addition, a regional office would be established in the regional office in Islamabad. This project will need the hiring of 105 people.

The World Bank is preparing to assist Pakistan under the ID-18 regional Sub-Window for refugees, with other host communities agreeing to give $336 million. The Provincial Planning and Development Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, will execute a $28 million project.


Sabahat Abid


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