All Pakistanis are Safe in Turkiye Earthquake: Pakistani Ambassador

Dr. Yusuf Junaid

Newstoday: Dr. Yusuf Junaid, the Pakistani ambassador to Turkey, claims that all Pakistanis residing in Turkey are secure and that there have been no reports of Pakistani nationals being killed or hurt as of yet. 25 Pakistani students who are enrolled in various universities in Ghazi Antip told us that their residential structures were devastated by the earthquake and that they are in need of assistance in this regard, according to the Pakistani envoy. These students were removed from Ghazi Antep and sent to Adana by an officer stationed in Adana. When asked about the future while arranging their housing, the majority of the students stated that they wanted to return to Pakistan because they did not know when their colleges would be opening, according to the Pakistani envoy.

Pakistani Students Departure:

Dr. Yusuf Junaid said that we have tried to send the first batch of 15 students to Pakistan, and immediately after that we sent eight more students to Pakistan the next day who have reached Pakistan. We have sent all the students affected by the earthquake to Pakistan.

Sabahat Abid


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