ChatGPT Helping Microsoft Researcher to Control Flying Drones and Robots

NewstToday: Microsoft has utilised ChatGPT to generate code for robotic arms and quadcopter drones based on human basic text commands. Still, experts caution that placing AI in charge of such equipment is a dangerous road. Microsoft is using ChatGPT to drive robots and write essays and answer questions. In a paper published on Monday, the company's researchers explain how ChatGPT simplifies creating software commands to control robotic arms and drones. "To operate robots, we still rely primarily on hand-written programming," the researchers stated. ChatGPT can achieve this since the AI model was trained on massive libraries of human language, including software code.

ChatGPT has previously demonstrated its ability to develop and debug programs in a variety of languages based on text-based requests. As a result, Microsoft researchers wanted to test whether they could use the same talents to build code for robotics gear.The method was used in various demonstrations, one of which involved utilizing ChatGPT to create computer code to operate an aerial drone. Microsoft researchers gave the AI chatbot a lengthy prompt outlining the computer commands it might use to fly the drone. Following that, the researchers could provide commands to ChatGPT to manipulate the robot in numerous ways. This includes instructing ChatGPT to recognise a drink, such as a coconut water or a can of Coca-Cola, using the drone's camera.

Sabahat Abid


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