Corolla and City Outsell Alto Named Best Selling Cars of February


Newstoday: The auto sector in Pakistan has been crushed by the country's bleak economic prospects. Overall, car sales fell 47% in February, to 5,762 vehicles. These are the lowest sales data since the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan in April-August 2020.

The all-time lows have also highlighted an intriguing new tendency. From the beginning of 2023, premium automobiles have been selling well, but economy cars have struggled. While production halts are a factor, low-end car buyer demand has also dropped dramatically due to weaker purchasing power.

As a result, the top-selling vehicles in February are as follows:

  • The Toyota Hilux

  • The Suzuki Alto

  • Tucson by Hyundai

  • Corolla Toyota

  • Honda Civic

Sabahat Abid


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