Disney Company Decided to Terminate its 7 thousand Employees


NewsToday: Disney, a well-known entertainment firm, has chosen to eliminate 7,000 employees. The news of the employee terminations first surfaced on the social media platform Twitter. Now, Disney, a company known for its entertainment, has requested to let go of 7,000 of its employees. After Disney's video launched its steaming in 2019, rumors shared that its subscribers were decreasing. We are now aiming to foster creativity within the business, and we are optimistic and will get successful in accomplishing our goals, adds Egger.

He added that cost-cutting would result in sustained profitability and growth for our company, better preparing us to handle upcoming shocks and global economic problems and fostering a beneficial climate to shareholders. According to media sources, the firm decided to make these layoffs after reviewing its financial statement for the final quarter of last year. As a result, Disney's global workforce would shrink by 3.6 percent.

Sabahat Abid


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