Earthquake Deaths in Turkey and Syria Exceed 34,000

Terrible Earthquake Caused

Newstoday: The terrible earthquake caused 34,000 deaths in Turkey and Syria. According to international news, nearly 4500 people perished in Syria, while 29,605 people were killed in Turkey. The rescue squad is still looking for the persons trapped beneath the rubble of the demolished structure. After a few hours, a 1-year-old daughter was also rescued from the debris of another building the 136 hours.

The Turkish Ministry of Justice held twelve people, and arrest warrants were filed for those responsible for the building's subpar construction. It is stated that the earthquake that occurred in Turkiye on February 6 caused the destruction of close to 6,000 buildings. According to a World Organization estimate, both countries are home to 26 million impacted individuals.

Sabahat Abid


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