Elon Musk Closes Twitter Company after a Wave of Resignations

elon musk twitter deal

NewsToday: Twitter stated that the company's headquarters would be temporarily shuttered starting today. According to the British press, Twitter's plan to temporarily close headquarters will go into effect immediately.

According to the British media, the Twitter company's headquarters will resume on November 21. (Monday). Twitter could not explain why the company's headquarters were briefly closed. According to the British press, Twitter has refrained from commenting on allegations of job closures.

According to three Twitter workers, more staff are planning to resign from the firm on Thursday. Twitter has slowed down as a result of several employee resignations. Following the hiring of the new CEO, the corporation will confront challenges. After Elon Musk's entry, the Twitter cycle is disrupted. It would settle down after a while when the new appointment and the company planned and made proper plans.

Sabahat Abid


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