Indian Startup Invented Flying Electric Taxi Faster than Helicopter


Newstoday: The Indian Institute of Technology-Madras has created an electric flying taxi that they claim will transport passengers more quickly than a helicopter. At the Bengaluru-based Aero India event, the flying taxi was on display. A start-up created electric taxis from a prestigious institution. An electric flying taxi was displayed at Aero India this week by the 2017-founded startup. It was created to simplify urban transportation, according to the start-up. Electric flying taxis were created by ePlane to make urban travel easier and faster. The range of the electric vertical take-off and landing prototype (eVOTL) is estimated to be 200 kilometers.

According to the firm, an electric flying taxi can go 10 times quicker than a car. In addition, each passenger will pay almost twice what Uber normally charges for a comparable distance. Pranjal Mehta, CEO of ePlane Company, and Satya Chakravarthy, CTO of the firm, claimed they were inspired to create electric flying taxis after watching a film about electric ground transportation.

Sabahat Abid


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