Scientists Developed the World Smallest Spectrometer

World's Smallest 'Spectrometer

NewsToday: Scientists from around the world have created the worlds smallest spectrometer. Smartphone cameras and environmental research are among the applications of the invention. The work was published in Science by the Finnish Aalto team in collaboration with international colleagues.

Despite its small size, the device is powerful and efficient due to its two-dimensional semiconductor. It uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to power its microchip-sized spectrometer.

It should be observed that the technique for creating electrical circuits on extremely thin semiconductors is quite new and unexplored, and this sensor can be utilized for space exploration in addition to medical and security objectives.

According to Oregon State University physics professor Ethan Minnow, this spectrometer is significantly smaller than traditional spectrometers. It may give detail by measuring light intensity and radiation of various wavelengths.

Sabahat Abid


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