Neal Mohan Appointed as YouTube CEO after Susan Wojcicki Resign after 9 Years


Newstoday: Susan Wojcicki has announced that she would leave her position as CEO of YouTube after nine years. Neal Mohan, the company's CPO, will take her position. In a letter to creators that was posted on YouTube's site, Susan Wojcicki discussed the high points of her career and how YouTube grew from its infancy to become a worldwide powerhouse."Having a front-row seat to the fantastic YouTube community you have created has been my greatest career honor. Your examples of tenacity, imagination, and inspiration served as a daily source of inspiration. They motivated me to serve as an ally and steward for the community you all helped to establish.

Since taking over as CEO nine years ago, one of the most successful and well-known tech women in the world, Wojcicki, has helped YouTube reach incredible heights.

Sabahat Abid


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