Nepra Increases Electricity Price by Rs1.25 per unit

electricity prices increased

Newstoday: The Nepra recently announced to increase in the price of units in the electricity tariff again despite the inflation in the country. There is an increase in the price of 1.25 Per unit, which will be implemented in the upcoming bills. After the increase of 1 Rs, the government would be able to get 46 billion rupees from the people. This amount will be collected from June to September.

The increase in electricity tariff will be applied after the federal government's approval. The reason behind the increase in the unit prices is the debt we took from IMF. IMF made significant demands to complete its loan plan. They are also asking from Pakistan government to submit their 1st installment award in June. Due to the high inflation rate and huge prices of petrol and electricity bills, people are unable to survive in this hostile and expensive era.

Sabahat Abid


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