Off-duty Pakistani-American Police Officer Shot Dead During Robbery

Pakistani American officer

NewsToday: On Saturday, a Pakistani-American officer was shot in the head while not on duty and died, the city's police commissioner said. During the past three days, Adeed Fayaz, 26, an officer of the NYPD for five years, has been hospitalized in Brooklyn. He was married and had two children. Besides being a husband, father, son, and devoted protector of the city, Adeed Fayaz was also a husband, father, and son. As a result of his deep injuries, he passed away today after being shot on Saturday night. Our police department mourns his family and loved ones. The incident was connected to Randy Jones, 38, of New York City, who was arrested on Monday.

James Essig, chief of detectives for the NYPD, claimed that Fayaz had contact with a person advertising a Honda Pilot on Facebook Marketplace for $24,000. James Essig claims that when the detained man jokingly inquired of the officer and his brother-in-law if they were carrying guns, both men said "no." . Further, he said as soon as the gun is pointed at Fayaz's head, our criminal grabs him and demands the money.

Sabahat Abid


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