Overseas Pakistanis Send Over $2 Billion in February: State Bank

State Bank

Newstoday: In the last month of February, people who are living abroad have sent their remittances cost 2 Billion dollars. According to the report of the state bank of Pakistan, the remittances sent overseas were higher in percentage in February than in the month of January. Remittances totaling $1.89 billion were sent in January. Remittances were less than $2 billion after 31 months in January 2023, although they increased in February. According to the State Bank, payments from Saudi Arabia totaled $400 million in January, while Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia paid remittances totaling more than 450 million dollars in February. In February, the United Arab Emirates sent $320 million, and the United Kingdom sent roughly $320 million.

Sabahat Abid


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